Are You Doing Enough?

One essential element of Gowan Group is to inspire us all to seek out information, push the proverbial envelope, challenge ourselves to perform our best. Our days tend to blur. We often find ourselves distracted with the day’s events. I usually have no fewer than ten projects going on at all times — I always have something to do and the list never seems to go away. Oddly enough, this is when I am most efficient. The inspiration of accomplishment is what drives me to complete the next project. Am I doing enough? It seems as if I have enough on my plate! But when I ask the question in context of this video, I am most definitely not doing enough to help prepare our students of today for the future of tomorrow. In fact, as fast as we work to prepare, technology is faster.
The video below is the fourth rendition of the original. It explains the massive movement technology has made in the last 10 years. Did you know?

About Chris Pryor

Chris is a visionary and proven executive leader, developing programs, building teams and strategizing change.
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